National First prize winner

Return To Nature

An ecoburial company that heals broken hearts and broken landscapes


Return To Nature is a radically regenerative burial company that reforests ecologically degraded land through burials. Rather than offering a traditional one by two metre burial plot, Return To Nature offers right to burial on up to an acre (~4000sqm) of land in the Scottish highlands.
For each customer this will kickstart the restoration of the landscape into a beautiful final resting place; use nature to support the mental health and grieving process of their loved ones left behind; whilst capturing carbon equivalent to 25% of their life’s carbon emissions through the planting of 500 trees.

All in all, this is about reconnecting the act of death to the nature of life:
“The rugged old Norsemen spoke of death as Heimgang – home-going. So snow-flowers go home when they melt and flow to the sea, and the rock ferns, after unrolling their fronds to the light and beautifying the rocks, roll them up close again in the autumn and blend with the soil.”
– John Muir

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • UK-Scotland
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