National Third prize winner

Reverse Resources

Online marketplace for industrial upcycling of textile leftovers


It’s the first online marketplace to enable industrial upcycling for global fashion brands. We offer waste inventory service to large textile manufacturers and deliver information about their leftovers to brand designers.
While producing 80 bln garments annually worldwide 15% of all textile materials go to waste from production at the other side of the planet. Industrial upcycling means taking the leftovers back to production without reprocessing them but by giving new design input. It enables to produce clothes with 80% less water and energy compared to conventional mass-production.
Upcycling fashion is currently only possible with high prices and small volumes because designers need to dig into the leftover materials manually. We aim to grow the profit margins and market potential of upcycling fashion drastically. And transparently!


This start-up is one of the Top-15 teams and made it to our Grand Final. Curious about the pitch during the ClimateLaunchpad European Final 2015? You can watch it here.


  • 2017

    Running pilot projects with H&M and Tesco

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  • Estonia

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  • Ann Runnel - Visionary & Project Lead; Khalid Raihan - Industry Expert & Head Of Marketing; Neeme Praks - IT Expert

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