National Third prize winner


A peer-to-peer clothing rental app.


RINS is a peer-to-peer clothing rental app through which consumers can rent high-quality clothing directly from someone else’s wardrobe.

The person offering the clothing for rent can monetise his/her wardrobe of which just 30% is usually in active use. The renter can enjoy having access to an ever-changing wardrobe without the burden of owning, storing or re-selling.

By keeping the high-quality clothes in circulation and use through RINS we can reduce the buying of disposable fashion which leads to significant environmental savings.

This is the post-ownerhip era of fashion. RINS and repeat.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Finland

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  • Anniina Nurmi – Strategy, sales & branding, Mari Silvennoinen – Customer experience & finance

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