Roncho Energy Services Ltd

Roncho Energy sells clean electricity to facilities in rural areas at an affordable rate.


Roncho Energy deploys the Power & Life Container to sell clean electricity to facilities located at rural areas in Nigeria. Our beachhead market and entry point is via mobile cell towers located in rural areas which accounts for 25% of the total addressable market space. The PLC will deliver cost savings, reduce capital expenditure and stabilize earnings while improving the green image of each user. We project that each user will record a 25% reduction in their electricity related operation expenses (approximately $60 million per year nationally for our beachhead market). The Power & Life container is a compact containerized energy solution pre-built and deployed to each user to provide clean electricity all day. We project the each user (i.e. cell tower) will consume around 66Mhr each year from our PLC solution. With a 2 year Power Purchase Agreement at 58 Naira/kWh and with 10% OPEX and 80% CAPEX amortization and depreciation we will achieve market profit of 2,274,000 Naira/year.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Nigeria

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  • Dr. Ikenna Efika, PhD - Founder; Klaus Naderer - Co-Founder; Dr. Chidi Efika - Co Founder; Nkiru Anisiobi - Operations Manager

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