National Third prize winner

Rovuma Aquaponics

Sustainable production of organic food withouth use of chemical and save 90% of water.


Rovuma Aquaponics produce organic vegetable and fish from aquaponic system to respond the high food demand from hotel, restaurant and supermarket. The system basically uses water, light, feed given to the aquatic animals, and electricity to pump the water. The vegetables plants are grown in hydroponics and its nutrients comes from converted form excrete of fish raised in an aquaculture system. The final product, vegetable and fish are completely organic, with high nutritional value, and safe form chemicals. To grow the vegetable, the system use water as the main sources and, do not use soil, chemical and uses less than 10% of water in comparison to conventional agricultural, avoiding the food contamination, consumer food intoxication and reduction of 80% CO2 emission comparing to Mozambican Conventional Agricultural System.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Mozambique
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  • 1. Antonio Faustino, Environmental Engineer, Responsible For System Design & Management; 2. Jervásio Bento, Food Engineer, Responsible For Food Quality; 3. Teodato Sanveca, Food Engineer, Responsible For Production & Process Development; 4. Mercia Muiambo, Technical And Responsible For Marketing & Sale

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