Sodium ALTernative


Renewable energy sources are intermittent and out of phase with electricity consumption patterns. Storing this energy and releasing it when needed is therefore crucial for a world powered by baseload renewables. Sodium-ion batteries will help to encounter this need.

The price of lithium-ion batteries is still too high for stationary applications. Resorting to a sodium-based chemistry will enable lower manufacturing costs, eliminate dependency from unevenly distributed resources, and lower batteries’ environmental impact.

The sodium-ion battery setup we propose contains aluminum for both current collectors. Its positive electrode comprises an active material based on environmentally friendly and low-cost metals while the negative composite electrode uses hard carbon as active material. The latter can be derived from biomass pyrolysis in inert gas.

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  • Urban Transitions
  • The Netherlands

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  • Dr. Daniel Buchholz, Christoph Vaalma and Prof. Dr. Stefano Passerini

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