National Third prize winner


A renewable energy and circular powerbank - every vibration counts!


Sapient Energy wants to change the momentum towards a clean, high-tech world, providing green energy for a more sustainable future. MagneticGen is a power bank that recharges itself just by moving. It uses the vibration we are creating by walking or cycling to create electricity. In addition, a solar panel can be wrapped around to charge it when the user stops moving, giving more charging opportunities through different renewable energies. MagneticGen is renewable and easy to fix with easy-to-found spare parts. MagneticGen is also highly customisable, so every customer can have the power bank they really want.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • The Netherlands
  • 7

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  • Coby Babani , Founder And GLUE (equivalent To CEO) Martina Fiorentino(Environmental Engineer) Asad Iqbal (Electronic Engineer) Fahad Adil Malik (Mechatronics Engineer) Arthur Paul (Industrial Engineer) Yusef Savid (Mechatronics Engineer) Efe Uğur Çakmak (Mechanical Engineer) Gamar Karimli (Graphic Designer) Vinutha Hegde (Project Coordinator) Ana Carolina Sousa (Project Coordinator)

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