National First prize winner

The SARM Project

the internal combustion engine evolved


Our team is currently working on the development of a new concept concentric rotary engine, a novel approach to the Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs). The CFD modelling & analysis, show the following strengths compared to ICEs of similar power:
– up to 5 times smaller in size/volume
– up to 6 times reduced weight
– up to 20% more efficient
– less & better quality of fuel emissions (up to 80% less NOx emissions)
– less noise during operation
– significantly lower building, maintenance and usage costs,
– greater lifespan

The benefits of our technology towards the industry, the end-users and the environment are both direct and indirect with significantly lower costs, most environmentally friendly engine currently in development & even new vehicle designs. Our goal is to make SARM one of the three dominant engine technologies in the world.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Greece

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  • Savvas Savvakis (founder & R&D), Savvas Nikolaidis (R&D), Vassilis Gkoutzamanis (R&D), Konstantinos Tifkitsis (R&D), Faidon Tsamis (R&D), Emidio Giordano (business Development), Stephanos Savvakis (marketing)

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