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ORTO - Ocean Reef-Tower Oases

We have developed a revolutionary aquaculture technology for the first time, combining all of the positive ecological benefits of the most effective man made reef structures.
Our mussel reefs turn the ocean’s biggest problem – organic pollution into a sustainable business using unlimited resource for food production. Yet, the most important thing is that they recover the health of damaged coastal areas (more than 8 000 0000 km2 of certified “Dead zones” !), by restoring their food chain – mussels, shrimp and fish (highly demanded market products).
If widely spread ORTO technology will decrease the enormous growth in production requirements in the next few decades in agriculture and animal feed sector – the biggest source of greenhouse gases, ecosystem destruction and biodiversity losses.
ORTO’s huge scale potential comes with its unique storm-resistance, which makes it applicable out of the bays for the first time in OPEN SEA.

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  • Atanas Dimitrov - Executive Board Member, Financier, Visionary; Arman Sarkisyan - CEO, Founder, Marine Ecologist, Innovator, Visionary
National Third prize winner

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