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Sea Harmony Ltd

Ocean Reef-Tower Oases (ORTO) Reviving the Seas, feeding Humanity


Sea Harmony’s Ocean Reef-Towers Oases (ORTO) is an integrated multi-sector solution providing Economic, Environmental and Social-Cultural benefits. This cross-sector “leverage solution” addresses United Nations’ SDGs: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, helping to go beyond single issue, single sector solutions towards win-win-win solutions.
Sea Harmony’s ORTO is an innovative technology ready to reshape the aquacultures and disrupt the whole food production industry by using for the first time the Nature’s self-sustainable principle to create its own food-chains. ORTO technology uses the biggest problem of the Ocean as an unlimited resource to create life, reviving the entire ecosystem around!
The technology mimics the natural conditions provided by the natural coral reefs for growing aquacultures around a reef type farm providing at least 4 high market valued species – mussels, shrimps, snails and fish, without using any spat materials, animal feed, fresh water, food or medical supplements with the single investment in installation and harvesting equipment.
The Second breakthrough of the technology comes with the extensive scale up opportunity defined by the offshore capabilities of the reefs, which always stay completely safe placed away deep enough avoiding the destructive energy of waves, storms and all the harsh conditions typical for open sea.
This revolutionary food production method allows the utilization of the vast yet unused territories of the World Seas and Ocean, providing a chance for aquacultures to fill the upcoming food gap so threateningly predicted for 2030-2050 by FAO and the World Bank. In addition to economic and social benefits the Pisa Reefs technology is not leaving completely devastated marine areas, so typical for the other productions, but creates full of life marine oasis, which can only be seen where the natural coral reefs grow.
With this strong environmental recovering effect our solution is a viable solution to the increasing “Dead Zone” problem, covering the combined sea area the size of Australia right now and growing annually by 400 000 km2. Pisa Reef technology turns this unsolvable up to now environmental problem – eutrophication (caused by the overgrowing phytoplankton) into an effective unlimited resource to create high quality sea food by transporting the life up on food chain, providing enormous production capacity in the open sea.
Relevant Skills/Experience/Technologies
Sea Harmony is built upon a diverse, strong, and passionate team of marine ecologists, innovators, engineers, divers, and business specialists, with over 25 years of experience in marine operations. We have a shared vision of using innovation to reverse the environmental destruction – something we have witnessed first-hand locally in the Black Sea – and to restore a thriving shell-fish production industry to feed the world.
Our experience and innovation has matured through 12 iterations of different reef models, and €400,000 in our own investment, to create a unique combination of Artificial Reef and Aquaculture, culminating in the artificial vertical mussel Pisa Reef, patented in February 2014, and the ORTO integrated aquaculture concept. Our skillset stretches from ecology and marine architecture to engineering and operations, including underwater logistics and diving.


  • 2017

    United Nations, special guest at the 9th Annual OSI Conference – Presentation of the technology, Geneva, Switzerland

  • 2017

    First Prize: Innovation Norway Jury Award: “Best Investment Project”, Oslo, Norway

  • 2017

    First prize, “Climate Launch Pad” Winner for Bulgaria, CleanTech Bulgaria, Sofia

  • 2017

    First prize, “The Venture” Winner for Bulgaria, Chivas Regal, Sofia

  • 2016

    First prize - "Green Innovations for Sustainable Business", Norway grants, Innovation Norway, CEED Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria

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  • Arman Sarkisyan - CEO, Atanas Dimitrov - CFO, Peter Atanasov - Chief Engineer, Veliko Petrov - Manager Sea Operatons

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