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Stubble burning is big environmental problem for North India in particular and South East Asia as a whole. Even NASA has captured the image of this menace from space. We believe that farmers are burning crop residue for being easy and economical. Our aim is to provide farmers much easier and economical solution as compared to burning and of multipurpose use for farmers. Stubble Decomposing and Irrigation System decomposes stubble IN-Situ completely by spraying Consortium of stubble decomposing microbes and methane loving methanotrophs that consume the methane & carbon dioxide produced during the process of decomposing to give carbon enriched biomass.
It also conserves 60% water while irrigation, spray water-soluble fertilizer, weedicides and pesticides. Our system is of multipurpose use for farmers for whole year. PM 2.5 and 10 are almost abolishable.
Customer Value proposition: INR 0.5 million for cost of machinery with wide array of tangible and intangible benefits.

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  • Sukhbir Singh Sokhi; Partner And Innovator. Ravneet Kaur; Partner And Looks After Daily Affairs. Harpreet Kaur; Msc Business Development(UK)

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