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Self Sustaining Systems – Zero emission flame-less indoor heating

Zero emission flame-less indoor heating


I am promoting a patented idea; no emission (NOx, CO and CO2) self powered, flame-less, indoor heating system.
Regular electrolysis is a technique that uses a direct electric current (DC) to split the water in it’s elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2, O2). New proposed technology uses a nano technology which is self powered, and produces the electricity needed to split hydrogen and oxygen from water. No external power supply needed. This process continues until all water is gone, endless H2, O2 production. Nano metric particles remain inert and chemically unchanged indefinitely.
A catalytic flame-less burner causes a low-energy nuclear reaction, recombining H2 and O2 atoms, generating water vapour and HEAT. A water based heating system could replace a conventional wood burning stove.

2.5-3 million rural households in Romania alone, will stop chopping down trees and help climate restoration by using this advanced technology as their main heating supply.
This equivalates to 1.5-2 million tonnes of CO2/year, less being pumped into our environment

Potential competitors are far behind and will have to invest a lot to achieve the same technology readiness level.
All existing households in Romania, (7-7,5 million) rural and urban areas, should switch from fossil fuel to new sources of alternative energy. Similar for industrial facilities: old heating way needs Hydrogen fuel alternative, which will drastically improve their efficiency, their profit.

Romanian Official Statistics may confirm a total of 20 million TEP (tones equivalent petroleum) residential and industrial heating for 2015. Market it is really HUGE for future business

For a unit price similar to a conventional home heater, designed for the same heated surface, potential customers will cut most of their personal or company expenses using new highly advance technology.

The fuel of the future is WATER, regular tap water.
Our heating system is solid state, no moving parts, safe to be used indoors, and the water vapour created as a by product can be recycled indefinitely.

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  • Dan Bertea, engineer

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