Cool it when you need it


Have you ever tasted lukewarm soda? It doesn’t taste very good does it?
Selfcool is the solution: a sleeve, specifically designed for the bottle/can, which cools the beverage when it is needed, utilizing endothermic reactions!
By combining biodegradable packaging and sustainable raw materials we will reduce by 30% our customer’s needs in refrigerators. This 30% reduction in refrigerators corresponds to 800t CO2eq in emissions from electricity and €200,000 in refrigerator maintenance cost per year. Adding to this the marketing opportunities and reduced electricity bills, we offer our customer a competitive advantage.
Our dream is to have a company valuation of €100M by 2025 so as to become an angel investor to other startups.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Cyprus

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  • Katerina Tsangari (Chemical Engineer) Antonis Markoulidis (Finance)

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