National First prize winner


The Internet of Things solution for Agriculture


Sensoraide leverages Internet of Things Technologies for the agricultural sector to optimize yields and improve the quality of the final products while saving resources, leading towards a sustainable food future. We provide a complete remote monitoring and decision-making solution, leveraging the power of Wireless Sensor Networks and big data analysis.

Sensoraide initially provides farmers with easily deployed sensor network hardware. The sensors measure a number of environmental values and send the data to the cloud. Users can access both real time and historical data analytics from any desktop or mobile device via actionable visuals. Finally, sensoraide provides a fully customizable alert notification system via sms and email when deviations from optimal conditions are observed.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Greece

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  • Evanthia Valera (CEO), Ioannis Sarris (CTO), Panagiotis Papaporfyriou (CIO)

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