National First prize winner


Storing solar energy for clean cooking in rural areas


At ServedOnSalt, we are developing cooking solutions for refugee camps and rural areas where we want to store solar energy as thermochemical energy in a salt hydration process. ServedOnSalt aspire to provide access to energy for cooking for the world’s poorest, whom are currently relying on firewood collection and cooking over an open fire. Our goal is to develop a low cost alternative to cooking with firewood, which will reduce deforestation caused by firewood collection and reduce the CO2 emission and health issues related to cooking over open fire, hence contributing to reach SDG 2, 3 and 7. This solution will bring about change by sustainable and healthy cooking and indirectly help women and children by disengaging them with the time-consuming duty of collecting firewood.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Denmark
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  • Christoffer Bendtsen (CEO, Product Development, Business Development, Stakeholder Management, Fundraising) And Nicklas Bilde (CTO, Product Development, Manufacturing, Testing, Research)

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