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Venture Capital investors reject about 97% of startups pitches they receive. Investors want to see as many dealflow as possible and hence provide very broad profiles. As a result Entrepreneurs, particularly these launching sustainability Ventures in Cleantech or novel Hardware applications, spend too much time finding the right investor.

The surge in machine learning, algorithms and data visualization opens vast opportunities to analyze massive amounts of data and present it in a simple way. However current Venture data analytics platforms cater for investors, Corporates or service providers. These tools are often too complex and very expensive for Startups.

Sheprd is a solution for Startup financing. It allows them to identify, assess and connect quickly with the right accelerator or investor. We provide easy-to-use, simple data visualization aggregating pre-filtered information from data analytics partners.

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  • Switzerland

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  • Hervé Flutto [General Management, Sales And Fundraising]; Jan Iwaszkiewicz [Software Development, Data Searc

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