National First prize winner

SmartUp my water

Smart up the existing domestic hot water vessels for network stabilization


SmartUp my water aims to make 20% of the existing electrical domestic hot water tanks smart by 2026, free of charge for the end user. These smart water tanks can absorb the surplus of electricity that is generated by renewable energy sources, instead of pitching the blades of the windmills out of the wind or shedding the electrons from solar inverters, since the latter are a missed opportunity for saving GHG lateron. Since a domestic hot water tank is quasi not susceptible to aging (contrary to batteries or other GHG emitting flex sources), it is the perfect solution to balance zero marginal cost generation technologies, as renewables.

The solution has as another benefit that hot water use is profiled: the water tank is generating hot water only when required by the end user. Consequently stand still losses are reduced, resulting in a 10% overall energy saving for the end user.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Belgium

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  • Filip Rommelaere - Team Manager; Wim Cardinaels - Operations; Koen Vanthournout - Technical; Steven Van Deun - Sales

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