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SMDPower Solutions

Save 50% on your Aircon utility bills at No Cost to you with our iAC.


Attention Enterprises !!!
How often do you change your Air Conditioner for better efficiency? more monthly savings?

iAC is an AI driven IoT designed for your existing AC to cool your room sensibly and reduce wastage of electricity. Its control algorithms are tested for Saving more than 50% electricity required otherwise by a Split AC, over 12 months now.
For our customer we install iAC at no cost, they share a portion of savings as our HaaS charges.

Save Electricity! Save Nature!! Save Money!!!

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • India
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  • Vishwesh Bhat - Business; Purushotham Nayak - Software Architect; Saloni - Lead Embedded Designer: Archana - DATA Analyst.

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