National Second prize winner


SMoJEVA - The Word First Smart & Mobile Fruit Processing


With smart and mobile fruit processing, SMoJEVA’s mission is to help millions of farmers to gain stable harvest and healthy life. We offer on-site and on-demand fruit processing services. The renting basics can be weekly, monthly and annually. Our market is the Global G.A.P and organic fruit farms. With SMoJEVA, 80+ % energy can be saved. The fruit processing is zero waste because most parts of the fruit can be processed into different products. The heart of SMoJEVA is JEVA technology, which evaporates fruit juice at moderate temperature and ambient pressure. The fruit processing is 100% natural and enables the conservation of more than 80% vitamins and natural fruit aroma in the products. With 20% Beachhead market, more than 3 millions kWh and more than 10 millions km of transportation can be saved. Furthermore, more than 3 millions tons of food waste for anaerobic digestion on-site can be obtained and the Ecosystem of 11 thousands hectare of horticulture area can be protected.

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Vietnam
  • € 300k
  • 2

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  • Nguyen Minh Tan – Founder And CEO; Wolfgang Samhaber – Cofounder And CTO; Nguyen Minh Thu – CMO; Vu Ngoc Ha; Pham Duc Chinh

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