A mobile modular and scalable adaptive solar textile.


Our energy solution, SOLA, is a simple decentralized solar textile, which is lightweight, 800g, is 40*70 cm, has a compactness of 1/10th and produces 60W in 6 hours via a 5V USB port. It is a robust design, scalable by nature and aesthetically desirable. We bridge the efficiency vs. mobility gap prevalent in the portable solar industry today. It can be utilized as a stand-alone unit or combined in a hybrid system with other units or our water filtration tech . We are an interdisciplinary and intercultural team, with the goal of the promotion of energy personalization. We have been cultivating a reputation for our product, namely, a feature in the FORM Design Magazine and nomination for the Bundes Eco Design Prize 2014. We will launch by the end of the year, potential investors and curious cats are welcome to contact us. Our mantra is “Innovation, Functionality and Efficiency by Design”

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
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  • Germany

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