Solalis – Electric Boats

Solalis is electrifying waterways & popularizing electric boats in the Amazon.


Electrifying mobility is a trend run by electric vehicles and followed by the boating industry. Solalis brings disruptive innovation to the region where it is most needed and where it can have the greatest social and environmental impact – to the Amazon.
Our mission is to popularize solar powered electric boats. Solalis is a pioneer company in electric boating and combines a few new technologies in its boat solution. Electric motor gets power from the battery that can be charged by the solar panels installed on the roof and from an external energy source. We can build whole new vessels or can convert traditional fossil fuel powered boats into electric. We bring a new material for the hull production – bioplastic (bio-PEAD).

We also develop the infrastructure of floating solar charging stations, equipped with photovoltaic panels and batteries. They supply boats with energy and bring energy security to remote places. Our solution can be applied anywhere in the world on rivers & sea

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  • We Have A Strong Interdisciplinary Team To Execute On The Company Goal To Popularize Electric Boats. We Can Count On Naval Engineer Samuel Pond With Experience In Boat Design And In Licensing. Andre Malagueta Is A Manager With Experience And Knowledge Inherited From His Father´s Boat Construction Firm And With Essential Connections. The Founder, Zbigniew Kozak Has Already International Entrepreneurial Experience With Solar Energy And With Tourism Related To Boats. We Count Also On Electric And Mechanical Engineers, Experienced Commercial And Marketing Campaigns Coordinator And View Volunteers.

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