National Second prize winner


Well-being through sunlight indoors


Sunlight increases the release of the hormone cortisol and decreases the release of the hormone melatonin. That is the natural mechanism in our body to synchronize our wake/sleep cycle. That is the reason why sunlight enhances our mood and makes us feel calm and focused.

There is enough sunlight reaching the windows as to illuminate the whole building. The problem is that light doesn’t reach more than a few meters away from the window. SolarTwister is placed on the top part of windows, it follows the sun and redirects sunlight so that it is always aimed in the same direction, illuminating the whole indoors space.

SolarTwister is applicable to all types of buildings. The benefit of a higher rent and increased employee productivity, with a return on investment of under two years, makes offices a good initial target market. The selected beachhead market are green offices in Europe.


Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Switzerland

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