Spark Sustainability

We enable personal climate action, mitigating climate change.


70 % of global greenhouse gas emissions stem from consumer choices, yet none of us know how to act to mitigate our own climate impact. Spark Sustainability will change that by rebranding climate awareness and climate impact; by putting the climate impact of different everyday choices into perspective and by offering simple steps for individuals to become part of stopping climate change. We provide a platform for companies with low-carbon offerings and produce data on which personal climate actions are chosen first and why.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Finland

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  • Amanda Björnberg (co-founder & CEO); Anna Eriksson (co-founder & Researcher); Felicia Aminoff (co-founder & Editor); Kyara Smit (co-founder & Behavioural Scientist); Noora Lakkonen (Business Development); Riikka Mikkola (Business Development); Emilia Koski (Advisor, Business Development & Impact)

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