National First prize winner


We produce water from air without energy, off-grid and affordable


The United Nations expect that within 30 years, half the world’s population will experience water stress. However, nature has learned over millions of years how to survive in dry, coastal areas: they retrieve their water from air. So we thought: why don’t we do that.

Inspired by nature, we developed technology that produces water from air, using a smart, temperature-sensitive textile. During the night, when temperature are low, the textile absorbs large amounts of water from air. During the day, as temperatures rise, the fibres in the textile contract and release all the water. That way, driven by the natural temperature cycles of day and night, this textile can produce abundant water for irrigation and drinking water.

It can be wrapped around a tree, draped along a vineyard or integrated in water producing boxes. Fully off-grid, without adding energy and affordable.


Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • The Netherlands

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  • Lourens Boot, CEO | Dr Catarina Esteves, Inventor And Scientific Advisor | Ela Zohrevandi, Research And Customer Validation | Drs Joost Tjaden, Advisory Board

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