Spunvertek Enterprise

Invented an affordable solar inverter for powering conventional water pumps


Spunvertek has invented an affordable solar inverter for powering conventional submersible and surface water pumps.
This innovation helps farmers and individuals that has no access to electricity and can’t afford expensive solar water pumps to be able to power the less expensive conventional AC pumps with the use of the Spunvertek solar inverter and still charge there mobile phones while in the offgrid area,
Farmers can practice all-year-round irrigation farming system and people with poor access to clean water can live safely by using the Spunvertek affordable solar inverter to pump water for all there needs.
The need for generators that depletes the ozone layer through emissions will be eliminated and carbon footprint will reduce

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Nigeria

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  • Matthias Ameh, Founder, B.sc Physics, M.Sc Physics And Electronics, Certification In Electronics Circuit Design And Simulation, Renewable Energy Developer. Ewuga Irimiya: Co-Founder B.sc Computer Science, Certification In Electronics PCB Design
  • spunvertek.com.ng

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