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Briquettes has a form of renewable and clean energy


We seek to meet the current needs of the fuel market for a high-quality, sustainable, inexpensive, environmentally friendly product that respects the environment and the well-being of people and the planet.

Non-sustainable fuels for nature are one of the most polluting and create more diseases for those who cook using these products, especially in pregnant women. Agriculture, processing of agricultural products and wood sawing produce large amounts of organic solids which, when exposed to nature, negatively impact the environment. Our product allows the reduction in more than half the time when people have contact with fire, since it has 3 times more heating power than firewood and coal and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases by 92%.

We believe that with this project, we will save around 500 hectares of forests annually from destruction and we will also reduce to more than 90% the diseases caused by smoking during the cooking of food and also during the heating.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Mozambique
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  • Olímpio João Mondlane

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