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coffee grounds as fertilizer - help your plants and the planet


Coffee grounds are being disposed as garbage – 9 million tons every year, worldwide. Our plan is to use this awesome resource in a new and innovative way.

Currently we are developing our first product: Coffee to Grow, an all-natural, all-compound fertilizer. This fertilizer does not only provide your plant with all the nutrients it needs, it also builds up a strong and fertile layer of humus. That way we save CO2-emissions and offer a way to transform worn out low nutrient ground into a rich and profit-yielding soil for decades.

Vienna, the city with the 3rd highest coffee consumption rate worldwide, offers the perfect setting to farm this resource and learn everything we need to scale all over Europe.

The product developing phase will end in autumn 2017 and we will start selling in spring 2018.

Coffee to Grow – helps your plants and the planet

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