Sulfotools, finalist Germany (Hessen)

Sulfotools: pioneers in the field of green peptide chemistry. Their aim: to replace all process-required organic solvents with natural resource water. Read all about them.


CleanLaunchpad national final Hessen took place in Climate-KIC Centre Hessen on the 9th of October 2014.


What is Sulfotools about?

Pioneering the field of green peptide chemistry, that is what Sulfotools Peptide Solutions stands for. Peptides are therapeutic biomolecules with a current market volume of over 10 billion Euros. Their chemical synthesis however is problematic, since it is not environmental friendly and requires large amounts of toxic compounds that are expensive to dispose.

Our goal is to replace all process-required organic solvents with the natural resource water. This allows for environment-friendly, cheap and moreover sustainable production conditions, thus updating the economic viability by preventing redundant toxic waste and decreasing solvent expenses.

Employing real-time monitoring of all reaction steps would allow for further decrease of total chemicals in manual or automated processes.

Moreover, the possibility of a waste-water disposal system and simple product purification makes peptide synthesis even more ecologically sustainable and simplifies the downstream process of purification.


What are your expectations of CleanLaunchpad finals?

Of course we attempt to win, but we also know that the competition is hard. Most of all we are looking forward presenting our business idea at an international level. Furthermore we see a great possibility to improve ourselves and embrace this opportunity for networking.


Our dream

We would like to pioneer in the field of green peptide chemistry as well as co-develop next generation technologies with industrial key players.

Quick facts

  • 2014 Participant
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  • Germany

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