SUM Green Tunnel

Architectural construction along the streets covered with a climbing plants


A problem of heat island effect and missing greenery in cities is more and more increasing and serious.

The concept of SUM Green Tunnel is dedicated for urban spaces, especially along communication lines where conditions for trees or shrubs development are unfavorable or impossible.

It is designed as a modular and multifunctional construction covered with evergreen climbing plants. The SUM Green Tunnel is made from 5 m long segments which are able to merge and make together a tunnel from both sides.

Thanks to climbing plants the whole construction cleans polluted air by reducing co2, improve local humidity and muffle the noise from transport. In the same time, by shading dark surfaces in the city, it reduces the local temperatures and energy coasts.

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  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Poland

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  • Zofia Ciszewska Landscape Architect, Co-founder / Karol Muszyński Landscpae Architect, Co-founder / Karol Nowak Landscape Architect, Co-founder

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