Empowering off-grid communities in Africa with solar energy


Solar energy is a strong catalyst to fight poverty.
We provide a modular, compact and solar energy center to NGOs working with off-grid communities in South-East Africa. The center can provide light and mobile charging for the communities. It can be expanded over time, thus bringing new energy services according to the demand of the users (ex. wi-fi, fridge, printing, etc.). On the one hand, the center generates revenues for the NGO, so that it can amortise its investment. On the other hand, the energy services provided to the communities allow them to lower their energy costs, while being more sustainable, efficient and healthy than current solutions that they use, such as kerosene lamps.
At sun’n’go, we strongly believe that no one should be left behind and that we can empower the bottom of the pyramid thanks to sustainable energy in order to reduce inequalities.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Switzerland
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  • Anaïs Matthey-Junod : Project Leader ; Antoine Gomez : Project Leader ; Jesús Sáez Alegre : Technology Development ; Mélanie Lacroix : Business Development ; Alex Loris : Business Development ; Thomas Robert : Communication And Branding

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