National Second prize winner


Efficient, ecological, sustainable irrigation with solar energy for future


Top priority in agriculture – irrigation infrastructure investments.

For 500 ha, irrigation energy costs are 100000 Euro / year.

We offer a sustainable solution for precision farming that helps farmers to obtain a productivity with 25% higher (more food for millions of people), without a power distribution network, with low carbon, using only clean energy.

SUNNY WATER increases the working time with 25% (working during night and days with low solar radiation) and decreases the costs (electric energy and combustible) with 100%.
We also provide this installation to pump water for supplying with water of localities.

The customers are all farmers (millions of hectares) and local authorities (millions of inhabitants)
The installation is patent pending.

By investing in SUNNY WATER you obtain more food at lower price, energy for free and thousand of jobs.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Romania

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  • Alexandru STOIAN - Founder; Daniela BUNGESCU - Co-Founder; Tiberiu BOGDAN - Co - Founder

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