Sustainable technological alternative for indoor air treatment (BIO-GARDEN)

Production the new biofilters for cleaning the air pollution


Indoor pollution levels are becoming increasingly higher as a result of the significant amount of pollution indoor sources. Any improvement in indoor air quality has been shown to directly benefit health, productivity, climate and environment with the associated economic benefits. The installation of new biofilters with combination of green walls offers the affordable and eco-friendly solution to this problem. We are planning produce the new biofilters for cleaning the air pollution and have a sustainable income during 5 year. The green walls for indoor air treatment would be initially installed in food service companies, farms and closed parking areas. The main market of customers for this technology will focus on those three sectors in Europe. High level of control for any pollution and low cost of our product make us competitive in the market.


Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Armenia

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  • Aida Aleksanyan (Project coordinator) Ana Elías (Marketologist) Astrid Barona (Financial coordinator), Gorka Gallastegui (environmental engineer) Naiara Rojo, (bioengineer) Estibaliz Diaz-Tena(mechanical engineer and designer)

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