Application which enables citizens to track their sustainable actions


People actions are measured and accumulated as “sustainable credits”, according to their environmental impact. These credits, thus, represent the unit of measure to standardize the contribution of one’s daily choices in avoiding GHG emissions. Different entities, either public or private, can be part of a joint network, namely a multi-partner “green” loyalty scheme, with the purpose of giving awards to their customers in exchange of their “green” behavior (e.g. public transport users collect credits when they check-in and obtain a number of free rides in exchange, etc.). This scheme aims at limiting the environmental burden due to citizens’ behavior. It reduces the time lapse between the “green” actions and the respective rewards, increasing people awareness and incentivizing their “greener” choices. Finally, it increases the potential customers for the companies involved in the network

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Italy

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  • Fulvia Calcagni

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