SWAPP, Dutch finalist

SWAPP presents a salinity measure app. Read all about it.



Today, 25th of September, the Dutch have competed for a place in the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU National Final in Valencia. SWAPP will be there, they won a ticket.


What is SWAPP about?

SWAPP (Salt Water APPlication) develops and applies an Electrical Conductivity (EC) sensor and Application for smartphones. Farmers and water managers can use it to monitor and manage the salinity of the water. By using crowd sourcing (participation of stakeholders) we will create a dynamic database that will be made publically available. The information could be set into a real time management system meant to take decisions on water management, on mitigation of the effects of saline water on farming, and on developing fresh surface groundwater storage and conservation methods.


SWAPP thinking

We’re very happy to enter the next level of the competition. For now, we enjoy the media attention of the National Final to raise interest for our concept and connect with collaborators and partners. We’re already making plans and working together for the introduction of new technologies that are both useful and commercially viable. It is very exciting to work in this highly interdisciplinary field.

– Marta Faneca Sànchez


Quick facts

  • 2014 Participant
    Year of participation

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