Swedish Algae Factory, finalist Sweden

Swedish Algae Factory's ambition is to sell their biofuel on tap in the near future. Please continue to read more about this cleantech idea.


CleanLaunchpad national final Sweden was held at Chalmers at October 10, 2014. The audience – entrepreneurship students – was invited with the aim to inspire and encourage new potential start-ups to come for next years’ edition.


What is Swedish Algae Factory about?

Swedish Algae Factory creates algae-based wastewater treatment systems for the production of cost-efficient biofuel from algae with unique algae that grows well in low temperatures and low light conditions.


What did the national Jury think of your idea?

They had really good feedback, the most valuable one was basically to bring the numbers and show that the idea is going to be economically viable.


How are you preparing for the Grand Final in Valencia? 

By refining and practicing on the pitch and preparing for tough questions.


What are your expectations of the Innovation Festival?

To meet a lot of interesting people discussing clean-tech ideas.


Our dream

That our algae biofuel will be sold on tap in a near future and that Swedish Algae Factory by 2030 will be Europe’s largest supplier of biofuel from algae.



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