National First prize winner


Cheaper and cleaner electricity with existing household appliances


Sympower saves households money. Our unique smart platform shifts the time when heating and cooling devices use electricity to cheaper hours, saving our customers money on their electricity bills without compromising comfort. While requiring no user input to save money, Sympower also adds a high level of controllability if desired.

By reducing the number of polluting fossil fuel plants used to meet peak electricity demand, Sympower reduces CO2 emissions now, and makes having more renewables in the electricity system much easier in the future.

The numbers:
Customer savings – up to 1/3 off your electricity bills
Carbon savings – 1 tonne CO2 per household per year
Cost to customer – free


  • 2018

    Raised €1M investment to scale up business

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Estonia

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