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Enabling sustainable aquaculture


More than 50% of fish eaten around the world come from aquafarms. However, fish need omega-3 to grow healthily and be nutritious. Wild fish are caught and crushed into fish oil, which is then fed to the farmed fish as a source of omega-3.

This means aquaculture contributes to overfishing. One third of all the fish caught around the world are used as feed, not eaten by humans, and the price of wild fish continues to rise as fish consumption continues to grow.

We provide a cheap and sustainable alternative to wild fish derived omega-3. We are developing a bacterial strain that coverts plant oil into a cheaper and purer omega-3, circumventing the need for wild fish.

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  • Ting An (Team Lead), Reiss (Business Lead), Shreya (Research Lead), Anna (Research), Fran (Research), Jay (Business), Aramis (Business)

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