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Robolima-An autonomous self regulating irrigation system


Robolima is an autonomous irrigation system that aims at resolving irrigation problems for small scale farmers in Tanzania, especially knowing that water resources are becoming scarce in this era.
Thus, a holistic and coordinated approach is needed to address these interlinked challenges and support the transition to irrigation systems that are productive and profitable while, at the same time, being resilient and well adapted to climate change, minimizing GHG emissions and ensuring the sustainable use of water resources.

Robolima is a tested system that works by having a network of sensors . These sensors relay data to the central command board, regarding the moisture content, humidity and temperature of the soil. These sensors transmit data wirelessly to a receiver circuit connected to the water pump which analyses the sensor data through a set program.It does this by regulating the waterpumps. We support farmers by giving them the latest weather predictions by SMS.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Tanzania
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  • Founder-Atish Shah, Maisam Dossa-technical Advisor, Hussein Mtalaam-Product Designer,Legal Advisor-Pooja Karia
  • www.tanshatech.com

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