National Second prize winner

Technology Artizans

Modular micro-biodigesters for cold climate countries


We used to see biodigesters on sale from a lot of companies, but we couldn’t use them to their full potential and most importantly we couldn’t use them when they were most needed. This year alone, in my village, we got temperatures varying from -9 Celsius in January, up to 31 Celsius in August. So, what’s the point in having one,if in the summer time you don’t use much biogas for heating and in the winter time you can’t produce it at all?
We are selling our modular micro biodigester and offer a subscription for full maintenance and components service for a fee per month.
Our beachhead market mainly consists of Small farms, Small Villages and Remote Accommodations.
Our system requires only a connection to electricity and a water supply compared to other solutions that require the purchase of additional materials in order to properly function.
You get one container with all systems needed, with an intake for your bio waste and a fully removable biogas bag and fertilizer tank

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Romania

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  • Nastase Dragos Paul - CEO, Alexandra Batista - CMO, Bandur Daniela - COO, Bandur Geza - CTO

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