National Second prize winner


Bringing Sustainability, Truth, and Trust into the Olive Oil Market


Terralithia comes with many years of experience in the olive growing industry including creating a regenerative olive grove from scratch that has produced, for the last 5 consecutive years, world records for the ‘world’s healthiest olive oil’.

Our experience taught how fraudulent the olive oil marker is which has created an unfair competition for high quality olive oil brands.

Terralithia brings a complete solution to olive oil producers in a one-stop shop.
We offer traceability (via blockchain), independent certification for the consumer, and provide expertise on sustainable farming methods, the milling, bottling, branding and exporting for the farmer. We also certify the farm’s carbon sequestration allowing them to enter the Carbon Credit market.

Our ability to do remote analysis and data collection allows us to adapt our system to any agricultural product.

Our aim is to be the world leaders in traceability and certification of sustainable agricultural products.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Cyprus
  • 3

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  • Nicolas Netien (CEO), Roberto Sciffo (COO), Patrick Makedonas (CTO)

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