The Modern Fashion Designer

We upcycle your old clothes in to an unique and stylish piece.


We upcycle clothes which are in the wardrobe of everybody! So, we give this piece a new life and it has not be produced a new one. In another country for instance a jean takes around 32kg CO2 which our shop can reduce to only 1kg and the costumer will have out of this jean two pieces or more. What is important too – we can save so much water! Included this process that we make for instance out of one jeans – two other pieces, we try to educate the people what the clothes made out of and how they were produced true a simple trick. And our system behind our tailor shop makes us unique and economical.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Austria

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  • Pia - Dress Maker And Marketing Nina - Graphic And Artist Elisabeth - Knowledge And Administration Siegfried - Project Manager

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