The PLEASER Bottle

An alternative to the one use disposable domestic plastic bottle


My idea would visualise replacing packaging for the one use throwaway plastic bottle to the domestic home in the food, pharma, cosmetic, and chemical sector resulting in sending out their product in biodegradable – compostable liners to load into the pleaser bottle in where the bottle is used for every 25-30 individual loaded liners , the benefits for this would be less product been thrown out as oxidation doesn’t take place within bottle- longer shelf life, the amount of waste been recycled after would greatly improve with the make up (composition) of the liner, and the amount of up to 96% less in volume and 95% less in weight thus greatly reducing household costs on wastage driving sales again for these delivered products, driving a better carbon footprint for companies manufacturing, delivering and the household user and notably the environment, reducing the bisphenol A toxic bottles going back into landfill on an humongous scale everyday.

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  • Alan O Reilly Inventor, Entrepreneur And Director

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