Thermoacoustic-MHD Space Generator

The new maintenance free electrical generator for space


One of the key obstacles for the exploration and utilization of space resources is a lack of a reliable and powerful electrical generator in space. We found the way to couple two existing technologies to deliver such generator.

Our technology is a powerful maintenance free generator that ensures reliable electrical power at spacecraft. This technology is able to unlock ambitious space projects, which has the goal to reduce the number of heavy rocket launches and preserve terrestrial resources.

Our early adopter is interested to implement the generator in a spacecraft to transport satellites from the low Earth orbit to the geostationary orbit. Such service will eliminate heavy geostationary launches reducing CO2 emission and other pollution at launchpad area up to 20%.

The generator is developed by a research team that are world leaders in energy efficient technologies for industry.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Latvia

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  • Pauls Irbins (entrepreneur lead), Mihails Ščepanskis (leader of investigators team)

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