Intelligence in Water Heating


ThermoBrain is a device which reinvents user interaction with Solar Water Heaters and saves electricity and water. It translates the amount of hot water in your tank into the most important metric for the user: the maximum shower duration in minutes.
It’s a known fact that whenever we want to have a shower we literally have to test the water and turn on the conventional water heater if needed. This uncertainty leads to a waste of energy, running water and time. ThermoBrain wants to solve this inconvenience and save the environment as a consequence.
Our solution can be retrofitted directly by the non-technical end user and is comprised of two parts which are connected wirelessly: 1) the sensor device installed on the Solar Water Heater and, 2) the base station, which displays the maximum hot shower duration in minutes and informs the user.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Cyprus

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  • Marios Tomazou (CEO), Alexander Phinikarides (CTO), Stelios Vrachimis (CIO), Tomazos Tomazou (CFO)

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