Optimising operational expenses related to heating


Business need #1 : Optimising operational expenses related to heating
Business need #2 : Automated facility management and monitoring that scales
Business need #3 : Making business more innovative and environmentally friendly

State-of-the-art solutions:
Training for janitors to manually operate on analogue TVRs
Fully fledged, enterprise grade systems (training and infrastructure required)
Smart home systems (good for small scale only, poorly handle short term rentals)

Our solution:
IOT-enabled radiator valves that can be controlled via a mobile-app and integrated with hotel management systems.
With the data obtained from hotel management systems, it can optimise heating expenses while ensuring optimal end-user experience
Example #1 : turning off heating 30 mins after check-out and turning it on 1 hour before the next check-in
Example #2 : reducing heating where guests are not in the room (via geo-location)
Savings can be as high as 40%, with short-term high-turnover h

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