National Second prize winner


Mobile ticketing app that allows you to pay fares for public transport.


TICKEY is a mobile ticketing app for Android and iPhone that allows you to pay fares for public transport – buses, trams, trolleys, metro/underground in your town.

Your phone recognizes the bus once you enter it and checks if you have ticket. With one click you pay the fare and enjoy the ride.

TICKEY saves you time and gives you the possibility to rate the ride, driver or conductor.

It gives huge amount of data about the customers and the rides to the municipalities and public transport authorities and is free to integrate. They can also send news to the passengers(changed line or something else).

We have to buy the tickets from the transport authorities with commission and sell them to the customers at the real price.

TICKEY is eco friendly, new technology, convenient, zero integration cost and it connects the passengers with the municipalities and public transport authorities.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Bulgaria

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