Eco-products for climatic stress alleviation in horticultural crops


Under unpredictable climate change emergencies (abundant rains alternating with severe droughts, exceedingly low temperatures alternating with high temperatures, the pests activation and plant diseases, as number and effects, etc.) there are few solutions to protect agricultural crops.
TopEcoSilicone selects and synthesis advanced multifunctional materials used both stimulating the plants growth and alleviating the climate change induced stresses in horticultural crops. These are basically foliar emulsified multifunctional silica fluids or multifunctional self-disintegration gels in which the silicon is an essential nutrient for raising the plant self-defending capacity against pests and climate change induced stresses. Their complex composition sums up fertilizer formulas, growth enhancers, and others environmentally friendly essential nutrients.

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Romania

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  • Dr. Eng. Constantin Bobirica - Chemical Engineer; Dr. Eng. Cristian Marin - Agronomist Engineer; Dr. Eng. Liliana Bobirica - Chemical Engineer; Dr. Eng. Laurentiu Filipescu - Chemical Engineer; Dr. Eng. Mihai Chitu - Agronomist Engineer

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