National Third prize winner


We sell greens & vegetables to food businesses cultivated in their food waste


Our company “Topyraq” decided to innovatively solve the problem of food waste by applying the vermicomposting technique and turning it into a cool and profitable business project. We apply circular economy by taking organic food waste like peels of fruits & vegetables, eggshells, tea bags, etc. from food businesses, using it to do vermicomposting, growing agricultural products on that compost and selling healthy and rich in nutrients plants back to them. Vermicompost is a perfect organic fertilizer rich in nutrients. Because of that, we can get 27% more products from the same area and they will grow without any pesticides and herbicides. That way our products will be 1.7 times richer in nutrients. With this idea, we want to prove that food waste can be green!

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Kazakhstan

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  • Askhat - CEO, Anelya - Biologist, Kalamkas - Engineer, Zangir - Business Analyst

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