We sell greens for businesses cultivated in their own food waste.


Earthworm casting is recognized as a high value material, which, when added to soil can correct the imbalances caused by petrol-chemical fertilizers and thus enabling crops and plants to grow in a healthy and natural way.
The main advantage of utilizing these castings or vermicomposting in terms of climate impact is that the agricultural, food and garden wastes are fully processed by earthworms and therefore an effective, promising and eco-friendly alternative treatment of food waste comes into existence.
Our company “Topyraq” decided to innovatively solve the problem of food waste, by applying the vermicomposting technique and turning it into a cool and profitable business project. The main idea is to adhere the circular economy, by taking organic food waste from food businesses, using it for cultivation, and sell them back vigorous and healthy, rich in nutrients plants.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Kazakhstan

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  • Askhat - CEO, Anelya - Biologist, Kalamkas - Engineer, Nabi - Business Analytic

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