National Second prize winner


More Computing with Less Power


TortellinoHPC is an energy-efficient system that allows users to consume less energy and calculate faster. The project fits in the search for innovative and eco-compatible solutions for cooling systems of calculation and data centers.
TortellinoHPC employs as cooling fluid a dielectric vegetable biofluid developed by SER TEC Srl. Processors are fully immersed in this fluid. Good thermal-conductivity and convection permits operation in passive cooling conditions, without expensive and bulky devices for fluid circulation and heat exchange. These factors allow a drastically reduced energy consumption for cooling, and hence, energy consumption as a whole. In terms of usability, therefore, it is a practical and safe solution that guarantees very high performance. Furthermore, biofluid is not harmful to humans in case of contact and / or ingestion. The cooling system operates soundlessly.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Italy

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  • Mirko Sileo - Founder/Developer/CEO, Ennio Quattrini - Co-Developer, Emanuela Berna Berionni Co-Founder

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