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Torus Robotics Pvt Ltd

Disruptive Electric Motors for the transforming Electric Automotive Industry


We have less than 10 years to drastically reduce the Global CO2 emissions, to prevent the climate crisis from becoming irreversible.

As a part of preventive measures, the world is electrifying rapidly and its now evident that electric vehicles are our future.

With the world transforming into all electric at a rapid phase, EV manufacturers are facing critical problems in sourcing the electric powertrains, as conventional electric motors available in the global market are not compact and are highly bulky for EV applications.

Hence, we at Torus Robotics are working on one of World’s most Disruptive Powertrains for the Electric Automotive Industry.

Torus XAF motors are one of world’s most compact and lightweight electric motors, which are 50% lighter, 15% more efficient and 10% more cost effective than existing motors in the market and saves upto 10,36,308 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Torus XAF Motors – A Disruptive Powertrain for a Greener Future

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